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Wheelchair Shawty!!!

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You can do this dance too, provided you are not actually in a wheelchair.  Sorry cripples.

50 CENT’s Before I Self Destruct Movie Trailer!!!

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The quest for the diamond skull continues!

DMX is BACK!!!

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dmxEveryone’s favorite ROLLER SKATING THUG is back. From DMX’s new song “FUCK YOU BITCH” one thing is clear, he still HATES WOMEN.  YEA!!!!!  No word on if he still hates homo thugs.

DMX – “Fuck You Bitch”

DRAKE Video!

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Here is DRAKE’s new video for “Best I Ever Had” directed by KANYE WEST. I like the song, but man people need to stop making videos with “acting” segments.  I get the douche chills every time I see one.

Wait so PHARRELL wants to be the SHAM WOW guy???

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This part 1 of the REST IN BEATS’ series PHARRELL’s STEPS TO SUCCESS.  It’s nice to hear Pharrell speak like a human being for once and he actually makes some great points.

However, his claim of having the idea for SHAM WOW years before the VINCE SHLOMI informercial is fucking insane.  If only he acted on that impulse, we could have had overpriced BATHING APE ABSORBENT TOWELS!!!!

Pharrell ShamWow

Cool New Video For THE ALCHEMIST & OH NO!

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THE ALCHEMIST & OH NO’s (Gangrene) new video is great.   It has everything, danger, violence and SCOTT CAAN!!!  A lot of rappers focus too much on putting hot chicks in videos when they should be figuring out where a good spot for a Scott Caan cameo could be.

On a side note. Oh No had a way better cameo on his last track for the CHINATOWN WARS REMIX and that was….ME!!!!!!!!!!!  NO ONE says “GANG VIOLENCE” hotter than me!!!

As always hip hop, if you need someone to write/sing your hooks or just make your tracks hotter, you know where to find me.